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The Disgusting Red Band Trailer For ‘Evil Dead' Will Swallow Your Soul!!
By MrDisgusting - Bloody Disgusting
"The official red band trailer for Evil Dead is here early! It's insane, bloody and goddamn disgusting!"

NSFW ‘Evil Dead' Trailer: A Blood Splattering Good Time
By eelyajekiM - Geeks of Doom
"Horror remakes may be a dime a dozen, but when you get some invested interest from Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, the people behind the original film, then you have the potential to create something truly special. Looking at the new NSFW red band trailer for Evil Dead, we might be getting something that is not only unique, but it deserves to share the name of its film predecessor."

‘Evil Dead' Red-Band Trailer: Try Not to Cringe While Watching This
By Kofi Outlaw - Screen Rant
"The 2013 version of Evil Dead faced a LOT of hate when it was initially announced – and not without reason. The original 1981 film from Sam Raimi (Spider-Man Trilogy) has been a cult-classic for the 30+ years since its release – as has the film's star, the iconic Bruce Campbell."

New Red Band EVIL DEAD Trailer Looks Amazing
By Evan Saathoff - Badass Digest
"Speaking as maybe the only movie fan on the Internet who doesn't go in much for horror films, I simply cannot wait to see this Evil Dead remake. I like extremities, and this trailer is chock full of extremities. I'm actually a little worried that it gives too much away. On the other hand, I was a little disappointed when this trailer seemed to end on the same tongue cutting bit as the last one we saw. That it went further to include face eating really made my day."

Full red band "EVIL DEAD" trailer has a wet kiss for you
By Samuel Zimmerman - Fangoria
"No mere rehash, the second red band trailer for Fede Alvarez's remake manages to build on every disgusting moment that excited you in the first."

The Full Red Band Trailer for Evil Dead Has Arrived!
By Ryan Turek - Shock Till You Drop
"As promised, the full trailer for the Evil Dead remake has arrived and we have it waiting for you inside. And honestly? I think it looks pretty f**kin' stellar. You've got vomit, chainsaws, cackling decapitated heads. It's "Evil Dead," alright...and it looks damn slick. Can't quite say I've seen a Hollywood production look this wet in a long time."


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