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Evil Dead SXSW World Premiere - News, Reviews & Links

Brilliant new take on a horror classic
By Chris Tilly - IGN
"The original Evil Dead was nothing short of a horror phenomenon. A micro-budget shocker about a demonic book that unleashed hell on a group of vacationing teenagers, the film made a mint at the box office globally, spawned two hugely successful sequels, and launched the careers of director Sam Raimi and star Bruce Campbell."

SXSW capsule: ‘Evil Dead’
By Matt Shiverdecker - Austin Movie Blog
"The level of gore and violence in Sam Raimi’s low-budget 1981 horror film “The Evil Dead” was shocking enough in its day to be slapped with an X rating by the MPAA. That film practically looks like “Sesame Street” in comparison to the bloodsoaked remake that made its World Premiere at the Paramount last night. "

Harry goes batshit crazy in love with Fede Alvarez's EVIL DEAD at SXSW Opening Night!
By Harry Knowles - Ain't It Cool News
"EVIL DEAD has always been wantonly blasphemous, indecent and gross beyond all reason. It has had a wicked evil pitch black sense of humor. And it has always had more than enough of its scares. Those original Raimi films were some of the most inventive and vital works of insane fucking cinema – and there’s a reason we love them. THEY RULE."

SXSW 2013: EVIL DEAD Review
By Matt Goldberg - Collider
"If your goal is to give the people exactly what they want, then you better give them the best you’ve got otherwise it’s obvious pandering. Fede Alvarez‘ remake of Evil Dead does not pander. It fiercely grabs the audience by the throat, and vomits as much blood and viscera as we can stomach it, and not everyone will be able to stomach what the horror flick has to offer."

‘Evil Dead’ Is A Thrillingly Gory Blast
By EvanDickson - Bloody Disgusting
"Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead is most certainly a remake done right. It takes elements from one of horror’s favorite franchises and reinterprets them in the most extreme manner possible for a studio film. It’s very much an attempt to recreate the intended effect of the original for 2013 audiences and, in that regard, it’s almost entirely successful. Built from the ground up like some perverse mainstream blockbuster, it might very well be the first “event film” aimed squarely at the heart of those who’ve been craving blood for all these years. "

Evil Dead Gets A Bloody, Fun Debut At SXSW
By Eric Eisenberg - CinemaBlend.com
"There are some films, particularly in the horror genre, that demand to be seen with a full audience. It’s a special experience to groan and cringe at the exact same time as everyone sitting around you during a particularly gruesome scene, and there’s something powerful about a collective cheer ringing out when the on-screen hero deals a final blow to the vicious villain. That was the experience I had tonight sitting in the Paramount Theater during the opening night of the SXSW Film Festival watching Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead. "

Evil Dead—World Premiere & Review
By Indy Mogul


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