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Army of Darkness Action Figure & Head Knocker Giveaway!

Posted on May 28, 2013 by mgadmin


 Salutations and welcome to another installment of our weekly giveaway contest! Last week was a blast with our cool Reservoir Dogs Box Set Giveaway, and the final entries have been submitted and the prize shipped to the lucky winner. This week we’re giving away two great items based on one of our favorite films, Sam Raimi’s Army of Darkness! Protagonist Ash is sent back through time to the year 1300 AD, where he finds himself embroiled in an ongoing conflict between two feudal lords. In an effort to return to his own time, Ash seeks out an evil book called the Necronomicon and accidentally unleashes a horde of undead upon the world. Oops. Now Ash must beat back a mighty horde of demons led by none other than his own evil manifestation! Continue on to learn how to enter to win a highly detailed Ash action figure and fun Evil Ash Head Knocker!

Click here for additional info and to enter the contest.

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