7/10/2020 - 7/11/2020

Bruce Campbell Live At The Midway Drive-in - Dixon, IL


Bruce Appearing July 10 & 11 2020

Midway Drive-In, Dixon, IL

BRUCE CAMPBELL LIVE AT THE MIDWAY DRIVE-IN! Fri. – Sat. July 10-11, 2020 Flashback Weekend's Midway Drive-In, Dixon, IL Film and TV Star Bruce Campbell will bring safe fun to his fans at Flashback Weekend’s Midway Drive-In Theater in Dixon, IL as part of his Drive-In Social Distancing Tour. Bruce will take the Midway Drive-In stage each night and perform extended Q & A’s, in addition to introducing all three feature films of his original “EVIL DEAD” trilogy during this epic two night event, including Grindhouse Releasing’s 4K Drive-In Release of Sam Raimi’s “THE EVIL DEAD”.

Bruce Campbell’s legendary Q & A events will become an all immersive media experience as Bruce’s live performance will be projected simultaneously onto the Midway’s huge 90-foot wide screen. Fans will sit in the comfort and safety of their own cars and see Bruce on the Midway screen larger than life with the stereo sound broadcast to their FM car stereos. The Midway Drive-In’s eight acres of open air space will allow the fans to spread out in their vehicles for maximum social distancing. To further increase safety and peace of mind, the car capacity of the Midway has been reduced by half to 250 cars, and each vehicle will occupy two car spaces to give fans twice the normal amount of space.

Friday, July 10, Bruce will present his Q & A and introduce a double feature of his cult classics, Sam Raimi’s “EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN” (1987) and “ARMY OF DARKNESS” (1993). Saturday night, July 11, in addition to his Q & A, Bruce will introduce a 4K restoration of Sam Raimi’s original Horror Classic “THE EVIL DEAD”.

Grindhouse Releasing owner Bob Murawski worked with Raimi to restore “THE EVIL DEAD” from the original 16mm camera negatives, and brought the stunning 4K transfer together with a new stereo sound mix and a newly re-imagined score by original EVIL DEAD composer Joseph LoDuca. Saturday evening’s entertainment will further include a Dusk to Dawn Horror Show featuring Lucio Fulci’s “THE BEYOND” (1981) & “I DRINK YOUR BLOOD” (1970) from Grindhouse Releasing. To provide the full nostalgic Drive-In experience, each night will include vintage drive-in concession ads and classic horror coming attractions.

VIP passes will include photo-ops with Bruce! Bruce will pose for professional outdoor photo-ops by Celeb Photo-ops with fans in socially distanced photos (six feet apart). With the Drive-In screen in the background, a deadite will barge into the photo between Bruce and the fan (you!) to enforce social distancing – and provide a great photo-op! VIP packages and the Groovy package will also include a pre-signed commemorative poster by Bruce. And as at any concert, there will be a souvenir table with exclusive tour merchandise.

Face coverings, social distancing, and concern for your fellow horror fans’ health are the sacred words for this event which all of Bruce’s fans must not forget. Practice these three things and you’ll prevent the Army of the Dead from awakening!
Chicago’s largest horror convention, Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Con owns and operates the Midway Drive-In located in Dixon, IL. Flashback Weekend believes that a horror convention should benefit the legacy of horror and the film arts. For this reason, all net proceeds from Flashback Weekend go to the preservation and operation of the Midway Drive-In to preserve the horror theatrical experience.

Advance tickets for the Bruce Campbell Drive-In Social Distancing Tour at the Midway Drive-In are now on sale.

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