'Evil Dead' star Bruce Campbell shares behind-the-scenes secrets from his 'no holds barred' horror classic

By Ethan Alter
Yahoo Entertainment

"Time passes differently when you've spent half your life fighting the evil dead. Horror fans got their first look at Sam Raimi's blood-soaked cabin in the woods splatter movie when it premiered forty years ago in October 1981. But asked whether hitting the big 4-0 feels special, The Evil Dead's strong-chinned star, Bruce Campbell, offers an immediate correction. "It's not 40 years: It's 42 years," the actor tells Yahoo Entertainment about his inaugural outing as chainsaw-wielding king Ash Williams. "The movie was filmed in November 1979 through January 1980. It took two years to finish the damn thing! So it's 42 years old — but who's counting?""

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