Xena Warrior Princess - Season 4

Xena Warrior Princess - Season 4

"A Tale of Two Muses"
Airdate: 11.02.98 (Season IV, Episode 74)
Writer: Gillian Hovarth
Director: Michael Hurst

"Xena and Gabby recruit Auto to rescue a small town from the oppression of expression - think Footloose." -BC

Photo credit: Zo Hartley
"The Key to the Kingdom"
Airdate: 01.11.99 (Season IV, Episode 78)
Writer: Eric Morris
Director: Bruce Campbell

"Raising Arizona, Xena-style! Auto, Joxer, and Xena-look-alike Meg kidnap a baby from two corrupt rulers." -BC

Screenshot courtesy of Peggy Kuntzelman
"Takes One to Know One"
Airdate: 04.26.99 (Season IV, Episode 87)
Writer: Jeff Vlaming
Director: Chris Graves

"Xena, Gabrielle, Auto and Joxer try to unravel a strange murder in a tavern - think 'Xena, She Wrote.'" -BC

Screenshot courtesy of John Tiech