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The Amazing Spider-Man (Game)

The Amazing Spider-Man (Game)

Peter Parker (Sam Riegel) and Gwen Stacy (Kari Wahlgren) sneak into the restricted areas of Oscorp after hours, where Gwen reveals her suspicions that they may be continuing Dr. Connors' (Steven Blum) cross-species experiments. In the process, they are caught by Alistair Smythe (Nolan North), the new director, who explains that some scientists were indeed secretly continuing Connors' cross-species experiments by injecting animals with human DNA; the cross-species carry a powerful virus and are currently being shipped to a bio-lab for disposal. At that moment, the cross-species all react to Peter's presence and escape, infecting all of the scientists, including Smythe and Gwen, in the process. Alistair unleashes his security robots, which are programmed to defend them from cross-species. However, they end up attacking Peter, as he technically is a cross-species too. Peter quickly dons his Spider-Man suit and gets the infected to quarantine, fighting off the robots in the process, but is unable to stop the cross-species from escaping into the city.

Bruce Campbell - Extreme Reporter

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